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An affordable wheel fitment tool that enables you to achieve that perfect wheel and tire fitment on your vehicle!

*This is the TRUCK version for FLOTATION tires that come in INCH sizes. I will be making a new video soon. If you are looking for the car / generic version of this wheel fitment tool, find it in the "Tools" section.

The rest of the kit is identical to the car version whereby the wheels are measured using the typical width in inches, diameter in inches, and offset in millimeters. Watch the car video to understand how this works.

The big difference is that the truck tire simulator pieces have holes spaced 1/2" apart and they are much larger. Scroll through the pictures, you can see the larger tire pieces. These pieces get bolted down with two bolts in all positions EXCEPT THE SMALLEST TIRE POSITION.

As you extend the tire pieces 1/2" at a time on the radius, you simulate a tire that is 1" taller in diameter. Below are the ranges of tire sizes you can simulate for each of the wheel diameters:

15" diameter wheel: 25 - 32" tall tire
16 diameter wheel: 26 - 33" tall tire
17" diameter wheel: 27 - 34" tall tire
18" diameter wheel: 28 - 35" tall tire
19" diameter wheel: 29 - 36" tall tire
20" diameter wheel: 30 - 37" tall tire
21" diameter wheel: 31 - 38" tall tire
22" diameter wheel: 32 - 39" tall tire

For example, if you set the wheel diameter to 18", the lowest tire position will be a 28" tall tire. It is written right on the tool. In this lowest position, only one of the bolts will fit through the tire pieces as the second hole will be blocked. This isn't a problem since the tire piece is not extended very far. For the 18" diameter wheel, the highest position of the tire piece will simulate a 35" tall tire. This is also written right on the tool. All positions in between are tire heights in increments of 1"

Based on the chart above, you should notice that as you increase in wheel diameter, the tire simulator piece will also move by the same amount, so you will see an obvious relationship whereby taller wheels result in the ability to simulate taller tires. 

Additionally, on the truck tire pieces there is a "flap" that can be extended past the face of the wheel lip simulator. You can extend these flaps up to 3/4" past the face of the wheel lip to simulate "fat" tires that are bulging out past the wheel faces. The markings on these flaps are in 1/4" increments. 

Made from durable 3D printed plastic, this tool can be assembled in minutes and will allow you to simulate a variety of wheel and tire sizes. 

*NEW - You can now select various options to customize your tool. 

  • 4/5 Wheel bolt mount covers 4 and 5 bolt patterns from 96mm - 130mm diameter spacing. This should cover the most common wheel bolt patterns for most cars and small SUVs. This mount also accommodates center bores as large as 72mm. Intended for 12mm studs.

  • 6 Wheel bolt mount covers 6 bolt mounting patterns from 112mm - 140mm diameter spacing. This should cover most 6 bolt cars and 6 bolt medium size trucks with center bores up to 90mm in diameter. Intended for 14mm studs.

  • 8 Wheel bolt mount covers 8 bolt mounting patterns 140mm to 166mm diameter spacing. This should cover certain HD trucks with center bores up to 116mm in diameter. Intended for 14mm studs.

  • If you want an additional wheel mount, you can select the additional mount in the options.

  • A larger arm is now available to simulate wheels up to 22" in diameter. This is a selectable option as well.

  • Standard tool can simulate wheel widths between 6 and 12 inches

  • Standard tool can simulate unlimited offset options

*If you have an application that this does not cover, please message me and I can customize your tool to your application. 

For assembly instructions and guidance on how to properly set up this tool, please see the following video.

*Please note that this product is made to order and has a 1-2 day lead time associated with the manufacturing process. We appreciate your patience while we work hard to make this product for you!

Hardware not included. You will need to supply:

  • (2x) M6x25mm or (2x) 1/4"x1" Socket head cap screw
  • (3x) M6x50mm or (3x) 1/4"x2" Socket head cap screw
  • (4x) M6x60mm or (4x) 1/4"x2.25" Socket head cap screw
  • (9x) M6 or (9x) 1/4" Nylon locking nut
  • (22x) M6 or (22x) 1/4" Washers

: New
Weight: 150.0g
: P-0007
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